Developing Sustainable Flocks

Farmer Bryan’s newest inspiration is to bring more heritage breed animals to his farm. Bryan has had a love of animals, especially birds, since he was a baby. He has raised ducks, homing pigeons, parakeets, jungle birds etc. When he was in 4th grade, his mom let him stay at home to watch his little duck be born. During high school, his Ag project was to raise lambs for the Alameda Co. Fair, while also raising racing pigeons. He describes his back yard as an aviary.   

Here he is now, 30 years later, with a much bigger yard full of open pasture, mobile hen houses, coops, and bird houses.

THe exciting news this year is that he is now raising heritage breed poultry and pigs;  turkeys – Narragansett & Bronze, Large Black & Tamworth pigs, and coming soon, heritage hen breeds. 

Do you know that 99% of all poultry you buy is a very hybridized variety, even the organic stuff. The birds do not know how to breed or sit or raise their young. They are bred by artificial insemination and incubation. The entire commercial turkey and chicken industry is like a factory. They are also genetically controlled by the companies that own them. So, If farmers and folks don’t raise sustainable flocks, we are all dependent on questionable companies to “create” baby chicks for all (just like Monsanto with seed). THis could be very dangerous. 

Here at Natural Trading Co. we are committed to seeing standard breed poultry back on kitchen tables. We will do our best to promote and encourage sustainability; selling poultry locally, raising animals that can reproduce, not relying on outside sources for our chicks. We are helping to preserve genetics that are reproducible. We are also committed to raising animals with a humane and conscientious attitude; allowing our animals to behave naturally, ensuring social interaction, comfort, physical and psychological well-being. We agree that the best welfare for the birds is to have their genetics be of standard or heritage breeds (not hybrid). 

How can you help with this important work? Please support us by purchasing our turkey, pig & chicken. While it may seem strange to grow these birds only to be eaten at a dinner table, it is quite the opposite. This cycle of life and death helps keep the breeds going. With out demand for them, they will perish. THey are beautiful and fun to get to know. Remember you are always welcome at the farm. Spring time is full of new life. 

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