Our Heritage Breeding Efforts Are Growing!

The farm seems to be popping right now ~ Spring has definitely sprung. Babies are everywhere; 4 owl babies are hatched in their owl box, 21 frisky adorable baby goats (so far), 28 brand new Narragansett Turkeys (100 more eggs to go), 200, 3 day old, Delaware (a heritage breed) chicks, and 4 little heritage breed piglets! And, our farm doggie, Jackie, is pregnant with Jack Russell Terrier pups. Let us know if one is calling to you.

Bryan’s efforts to bring heritage breeds back is working stupendously. We are so excited to have this new breed of chicks! Soon enough we will be hatching our own eggs; no more mail order chicks. IF you read the earlier article on heritage animals, you can see why this is so important! It is amazing to see how much healthier and vibrant this breed is. They are the quintessential chicks ~ so fuzzy and yellow and peeping.

We are, in turn, supporting fellow breeders who are bringing endangered breeds back. THese chicks and turkeys are from fellow farmers who are supporting this exciting movement.

Please stay posted for more fun & important news on our hatchery.

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