Summer 2015 CSA: Invest in Your Food

20100721_ntc_farm_story_0304Reserve your spot early for Summer CSA and invest in your food, health, community, and the environment.

Early CSA payments:

  • Help us pay for the seeds, soil amendments, and labor now that grow into the bountiful kale/tomatoes/ onions/carrots/lettuce/basil of the spring and summer — especially during the winter when cash flow is low and our financial burden to start the growing season is high.
  • Help us plan how much food to grow for the year — especially this year, when we need to carefully consider potential water shortages.
  • Help you reserve your weekly veggie and fruit box.
  • Help you invest in your immediate food future.

24 weeks of mouthwatering, healthful, deliciousness May 19-October 30. Small veggie and fruit box, family-size veggie and fruit box, take your pick … and add on eggs, tomatoes, sunflower greens, pea shoots, and wheatgrass. Thank you for supporting local, organic agriculture.

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