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Puppies Are Here

Nothing cuter than a baby and we have 7! Seven – 2 week old Jack Russell Terrier pups born to the mama Jackie June 21st. Puppies available to good homes early August.

The Piglets Are Here!

We are so excited to announce the newest members of our farm, The Four Little Piglets; their mama is a Large Black and their daddy is an 800 pound Tamworth. We found them @  Monarch Family Farm in Pilot Hill. Glen and Kelley Turney… Continue Reading “The Piglets Are Here!”

Our Heritage Breeding Efforts Are Growing!

The farm seems to be popping right now ~ Spring has definitely sprung. Babies are everywhere; 4 owl babies are hatched in their owl box, 21 frisky adorable baby goats (so far), 28 brand new Narragansett Turkeys (100 more eggs to go), 200, 3… Continue Reading “Our Heritage Breeding Efforts Are Growing!”

Animal Activity Growing

Animal activity is really growing on the farm. Just this morning Farmer Bryan & Tes watched a baby duck poke it’s crammed little body out of it’s shell. After about 24 hours of dedicated pecking (we could hear the tiny tapping when we held… Continue Reading “Animal Activity Growing”

Developing Sustainable Flocks

Farmer Bryan’s newest inspiration is to bring more heritage breed animals to his farm. Bryan has had a love of animals, especially birds, since he was a baby. He has raised ducks, homing pigeons, parakeets, jungle birds etc. When he was in 4th grade,… Continue Reading “Developing Sustainable Flocks”

How To Create Community

Turn off your TV*Leave your housen Know your neighbors Look up when you ae walking Greet people*Sit on your stoop Plant Flowers Use your library*Play together Buy from local merchants Share what you have Help a lost dog Take children to the park Garden… Continue Reading “How To Create Community”

Nourish yourself daily

Enjoy our Placer County pasture raised eggs. Our healthy egg laying hens spend nearly all their awake hours outside; free to graze the hillsides for bugs and greens. With all this sunshine, exercise and the best organic feed available, these eggs look, feel and taste… Continue Reading “Nourish yourself daily”

Springtime is CSA Time

Enroll. Now. Community Supported Agriculture is a way in which people can directly support a small, local farm while getting a weekly supply of fresh, organically grown products. For city dwellers, becoming a CSA member provides a connection with nature, a convenient, safe, and… Continue Reading “Springtime is CSA Time”

Wheatgrass Wonders

Wheatgrass juice is the juice extracted from red wheatberry grass. Wheatgrass juice has been used for thousands of years around the world for its healing properties and health benefits. Feel the difference an ounce or two a day makes! Energizer: Wheatgrass gives one a… Continue Reading “Wheatgrass Wonders”