What is Community Supported Agriculture?


CSA stands for community supported agriculture. Joining a CSA program means having a direct relationship with a farm and its farmers. You will know where your food grows and who is growing it. Becoming a member means purchasing a share of our harvest in the beginning of the season; this gives you a share of fresh, local, organic food from our farm every week for a 24-week summer season, running mid May through October, and a 12-week winter season, running from November through early February.

The benefits to both farmer and share holders are numerous – we, as farmers, receive a stable income in the spring as well as a clear sense of our market – allowing us to plan our season accordingly. You, our member, become an intimate part of our farming community – experiencing the bounty each week, sharing in the risks and blessings of our local agriculture, participating in potlucks and farm celebrations throughout the season, and benefiting from the close care we take to sow, grow and pick the most healthy, delicious food possible.


10 reasons to join our CSA program

  1. You are saying YES to having a direct relationship to where your food grows and who is growing it
  2. You get a present every week
  3. You get a farm without having to run or buy one
  4. You will be supporting a positive sustainable economic system
  5. You are securing the best food available for you and your family
  6. You are helping to preserve open land and farm land (our farm has a conservation easement and is preserved forever!)
  7. You are ensuring the growth and vitality of a local farm
  8. You are honoring your body with healthy organic food
  9. You get recipes and nutritional information
  10. It tastes so good!

And one more note, CSAs aren’t for everyone – especially if you have lots of dietary restrictions, are on the more particular side on the spectrum of eaters, or travel a lot.  The farmers’ market may be a better place for you to get your fresh fruit and veggies each week.  We love our market customers as much as our CSA customers, so maybe we’ll see your bright shiny face at the market, and you’ll be able to ask how to eat that mysterious mizuna.

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