We continue to be at farmers Markets

The Natural Trading Co. and other local farms and vendors at the Auburn Farmers Market (Saturday), Roseville Farmers Markets (Tuesday), and Tahoe City Farmers Markets (Thursday) are all ESSENTIAL businesses to our local community. We know in these difficult times you still need to eat fresh, healthy, organic food so we will be at the farmers market weekly. Please come by yourself. Stay home if you are feeling sick. We will be pulling produce for you as requested at the front table. Thank you!

Winter CSA starts October 12!

Let the Natural Trading Co Organic Farm support you and your family this winter. An essential box of winter health – greens, roots, shoots, and fruits.  This 12-delivery CSA runs from October 12-January 16, with a two week break the week of Christmas and New Year’s.  $324/whole season, $27.00/week, +$3/week Truckee delivery fee.

We grow amazing winter vegetables – countless varieties of kale, various collards, mucho lettuces, Asian greens, rainbows of chard, delectable carrots, beets, cauliflowers, cabbages, broccoli, winter squash, persimmons, and more.  For an extra treat, add on wheatgrass, pea shoots, and sunflower greens. Take a look at our facebook and instagram page to get an idea of the things we pack throughout the year.

Pick-up sites span Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville, Truckee*, and Newcastle (here at the farm).  Join us for 12 weeks of winter wonderfulness! (*Includes $3 weekly delivery fee).

Spring Boxes ended May 7 – sign up for Summer CSA!!!

Spring Boxes ended May 7 — sign up for the Summer CSA here!

We are offering week by week Spring Veggie boxes for pick-up in Auburn at the Auburn Bodega and our farm in Newcastle. A great way to try the CSA and pick up a quick box of fresh produce every week. Order by the week by Wednesday 6:00AM and pickup your order Thursday 10:00AM (Auburn closes 7:00PM, Newcastle closes 3:000PM). You can also choose to pickup your box at the Auburn Farmers Market on Saturday between 8:00AM – 12noon. In the May 7 box we have: chard, bok choy, mustard greens, fennel, leeks, salad mix, snap peas, marjoram (contents may vary slightly depending on availability).

Striving for a hopeful and bountiful 2020 season during these challenging times

At the Natural Trading Company we take the health of our customers seriously. We remain dedicated to providing the healthiest, safest, most nutritious food to our customers; which is why we  continue to be vigilant with our food safety practices. In addition to our normal sanitation practices, we are taking extra precautions to train staff on how to stay healthy, and the importance of staying home from work if they or anyone in their families are feeling ill.

As for our farmers markets’, we will continue to be your source for local, fresh, organic produce as long as we are safely able to be present at market. We are taking extra precautions there as well – such as having hand washing stations, sanitizing card readers between use, and changing how we display and bag our produce during these times.

In the event that farmers markets’ are no longer an option, we are exploring other ways of safely getting food to the community such as starting our CSA early or opening up a farm stand at the farm. Stay tuned for more information on this!  Meanwhile, sign up now to reserve your CSA box.  By purchasing your box early, you help us care for the baby plants we already have in the ground for the spring and summer.

On a final note… farmers are some of the most resilient of people out there. Every seed we plant is a seed of hope for the future. In everything we do, we are at the whim of what Mother Nature does, day in and day out. This current situation is no different. We will adapt to the times as farmers always have. We will strive to be a beacon of hope in an ocean of uncertainty. With that as a guiding force, we are still seeding seeds, planting transplants, and planning for a hopeful and bountiful 2020 season.

Dear Tahoe customers…

Dear Tahoe CSA members,

We have been honored to have been your CSA farm for the past 21 years.  Bryan started selling at the Tahoe City farmers’ market as a beginning farmer, and without the support of those market customers and the Tahoe CSA members over the many years, Natural Trading Co wouldn’t be the thriving, abundant farm it is today.

The farm has grown in many new directions, and we have an opportunity to run and manage the Tahoe City farmers’ market.  With the new responsibility, we realize we don’t have the resources to continue to deliver boxes all around the lake.  We will be at the Tahoe City Farmers’ Market on Thursday mornings, with Tahoe City CSA boxes available for pick-up at this market, and we will continue to deliver Truckee CSA boxes.  However, we have decided to discontinue delivering directly to Kings Beach, Incline Village, Tahoe Valley, and Squaw Valley.  This was a difficult decision for us, as we know that many of you have been loyal and enthusiastic customers for many years.

For those of you who have already subscribed, I will be refunding your credit card in the next few days.  If there is interest in a customer-organized pickup (i.e. members take turns picking up boxes from Tahoe City), we’re more than happy to help you out.

Mountain Bounty and other farms offer CSAs in your neighborhood – check out Local Harvest for a directory of farms.  And we hope to see you at the Tahoe City Farmers’ Market over the summer.  Thanks for your understanding, thanks for your loyal support through the many years, and most importantly, thank you for choosing to eat local and organic.  We’re very excited to do everything we can to support local farmers, food, business, and the community with the new Tahoe City Farmers’ Market.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have questions.

Sincerely, the Natural Trading Co

Summer 2015 CSA: Invest in Your Food

20100721_ntc_farm_story_0304Reserve your spot early for Summer CSA and invest in your food, health, community, and the environment.

Early CSA payments:

  • Help us pay for the seeds, soil amendments, and labor now that grow into the bountiful kale/tomatoes/ onions/carrots/lettuce/basil of the spring and summer — especially during the winter when cash flow is low and our financial burden to start the growing season is high.
  • Help us plan how much food to grow for the year — especially this year, when we need to carefully consider potential water shortages.
  • Help you reserve your weekly veggie and fruit box.
  • Help you invest in your immediate food future.

24 weeks of mouthwatering, healthful, deliciousness May 19-October 30. Small veggie and fruit box, family-size veggie and fruit box, take your pick … and add on eggs, tomatoes, sunflower greens, pea shoots, and wheatgrass. Thank you for supporting local, organic agriculture.

Eat your greens with the Winter CSA


To cook or not to cook? Greens listed from top to bottom, ranging from veggies you generally cook longer proceeding down to things you typically eat raw. One notable exception, kale, which makes a fantastic salad. Don't forget to strip out the stems of the top three heartier greens before cooking.
To cook or not to cook? Greens listed from top to bottom, ranging from veggies you generally cook longer proceeding down to things you typically eat raw. One notable exception, kale, which makes a fantastic salad. Don’t forget to strip out the stems of the top three heartier greens before cooking.

It’s time to eat your greens! with the Winter CSA. From November 5-February 4, with a 2-week break during Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, receive 12 weeks of winter health — greens, roots, shoots, and fruits. Space is limited so sign up soon.

With the cool weather continuing to roll in, it’s the time of year when leafy greens packed with vitamins and minerals flourish to boost your health against cold and flu season. Beyond basic lettuce, greens can be a mystery in mainstream American diets, but there are 2 simple things you need to know about greens — what to generally cook, and what to generally eat raw. Everything else is an experiment in cooking and taste. Try it raw and taste it, cook it and taste it — do you like it? success! (I do not recommend eating mature chard or beet greens raw, and proceed with caution with turnip greens also.)

I’ve listed all the greens we grow above, starting at the top with veggies you cook longer proceeding down to things you typically serve uncooked. I’ve included my somewhat subjective taste characterizations. Also, hooray for the taste of bitter! It’s complex, it’s interesting, it’s part of a mature sophisticated palate, it’s a good thing. It’s time to eat your greens (and roots, shoots, and fruits) with the Winter CSA.

Summer 2014 CSA: Hyper-Local, Über-Seasonal, Extra-Fresh


Sign up for a 2014 Natural Trading Co summer harvest box, and get ready for 24 weeks of the freshest, most delicious, good for you-good for the community-good for the earth weekly treasure chest of organic veggies.  This year, our season runs from May 19th through October 31st.  Choose a family box (recommended for 3-5 people), or a small box (for 1-3 people).   Whole season prices for boxes are $840 or $35/week (family), and $600 or $25/week (small).  3-payment installment plan available only prior to start of the season. Pick-up sites span Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Newcastle, Auburn, Truckee, and Tahoe.

For an extra bountiful share, add on our popular organic, pasture-raised eggs or tomato share, in addition to wheatgrass, pea shoots, and sunflower greens.  Mid-season sign-ups are welcome – CSAware will automatically pro-rate late subscriptions.  We can’t wait to start sending veggies your way, reserve your spot before we run out of shares!  We had to close the Winter CSA this past season due to an overwhelming interest in new subscriptions.

And yes, we’ve decided to take the CSA in a slightly different direction this year with the passage of new California legislation AB-224 regulating community supported agriculture.  Read more here

And for those of you who would like to help get the word out about our Summer CSA, here’s a printable flyer to post in your community space.

Give fresh. Give local. Give organic.

NTC gift certificates available for the holiday season!  Use them at the farmers’ market or towards CSA subscriptions.

Give Thanks

Sorry! We are SOLD OUT.  Thanks for your support and Happy Thanksgiving.

Reserve one of our limited numbers of Thanksgiving turkeys – organic, pasture-raised, heritage-breed.

A beautiful celebration of the farm’s harvest and a special way to give thanks for the plentiful year, these Narragansett turkeys were lovingly raised on the farm with a humane and conscientious attitude. We allow our animals to behave naturally – ensuring social interaction, comfort, physical, and psychological well-being. All our birds graze on grass, seeds, and bugs outside, all day, every day with access to protected shelter. We move them regularly to ensure they always have access to fresh pasture, and we supplement their food with non-GMO organic feed.

Place your $25.00 deposit today and taste what turkey should taste like.