How To Create Community

Turn off your TV*Leave your housen

Know your neighbors

Look up when you ae walking

Greet people*Sit on your stoop

Plant Flowers

Use your library*Play together

Buy from local merchants

Share what you have

Help a lost dog

Take children to the park

Garden Together

Support Neighborhood Schools

Fix it even if you didn’t break it

Have Pot Lucks*Honor Elders

Pick Up Litter* Read Stories Aloud

Dance in the Street

Talk to the Mail Carrier

Listen to the Birds* Put up a Swing

Help Carry Something Heavy

Barter For Your Goods

Start A Tradition*Ask A Question

Hire Young People for Odd Jobs

Organize a Block Party

Bake Extra and Share

Ask For Help When You Need It

Open Your Shades*Sing Together

Share Your Skills

Take Back the Night

Turn Up The Music

Turn Down The Music

Listen Before You react To Anger

Mediate A Conflict

Seek To Understand

Learn From New And

Uncomfortable Angles

Know That No One is Silent

Though Many Are Not Heard

Work To Change This

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